It has taken months to get this website together. The time isn’t because Meander Design are slow, it is because they are patient, patient with me and my constant worries and fussing to get everything perfect. Perfection is never possible but striving to achieve as close as I can is something that runs through my photography; from caught moments at an event through to sitting on a hillside for hours waiting for the sunset or to driving hundreds of miles to get to that location, the one that I know will get me the shot I have had in my head.

It isn’t all about perfection though; sometimes the moment is so fleeting and so brilliant that capturing it at all is a minor miracle. Those moments; the beauty of a smile or a hug or the sun breaking through the clouds, the ones I always remember they are the ones that drive me forward.

It isn’t just me (Ben) here at 159photography, there is my trusted photography buddy and second shooter Jonathon; his endless patience with my urges to go photograph hidden and difficult locations and his support at events mean that we can produce images that we are proud of.

Neither of us is king of the blog posts and you’ll find me writing them here, stories of our adventures and boast about or successes along with a little bit of insight into who we are and why we do what we do.


Welcome to our little world.



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